Project Description
Provide a framework for the Orchard CMS to allow recurring scheduled items.

The purpose of this project is to provide a framework for creating Orchard content items with a recurring schedule. The primary intent is to allow for the creation of a flexible calendar within Orchard.

The calendar layout from has been merged into this project as a separate feature.

Currently, the schedule allows for the following recurrence types:
  • Daily (e.g. Every 4 days)
  • Weekly (e.g. Every two weeks on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
  • Monthly by Day (e.g. The 20th of every month)
  • Monthly by Week and Day (e.g. The 3rd Wednesday of every month)
  • Yearly (e.g. November 12 of every year)

Additionally, the Monthly by Day and Monthly by Week and Day recurrences can be based on the end of the month. For example:
  • The last Monday of every month
  • 10 days from the end of every month

Also, the start dates can be offset by -6 to 6 days. This allows for a recurrence such as:
  • The day after the next to last Tuesday of each month

With the simple template, specific instances of a recurrence can be excluded by specifying the start date.

Future plans include adding an advanced scheduling interface to allow parsed statements such as:
  • first and third Monday and Wednesday each month between May and November
  • or, one day before the first Tuesday of each month

Long term plans include the possibility to filter dates based on tags/terms of other schedule parts.

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